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Here you will find out some basics about pawning.

This is how a basic pawn works. You must be 18 with valid drivers license or government type ID. You bring in your item, we appraise it (while trying our best to accommodate your money needs). If possible you will get the money and sign a contract pawning your merchandise over to us. You get a copy of the contract, and from there have 30 days to pick up your merchandise. When you return to pick up your merchandise you'll be charged what we loaned you plus an interest charge.

If you fail to reclaim your merchandise in 30 days you'll be charged an additional interest charge and have a 10 day grace period in which to claim you item.

At the end of the 10 days, your merchandise will be "pulled" from pawn. Meaning that we put it out in our store to sell it to the public.

If for some reasons you cannot pick up your merchandise within 30 days, you can come in and pay the interest and you'll get a 30 day extension on your loan. This interest does not go toward what it will cost for you to pick up your merchandise. It simply guarantees that you won't lose your merchandise for another 30 days.

If for any reason you can't come in by the due date, just give us a call or email us and we'll work with you if anyway possible.

About Pawning Firearms

If you are 18 and pawn a handgun you must have parent or someone 21 years or older to pick it up out of pawn. If you pawn a long or handgun you will have to have VALID and PROPER ID and there will be a NICS background check if you don't have a Georgia Firearm Permit.

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